Follow up

A follow-up check after treatment for precancerous changes is absolutely essential. There is a small chance that all of the precancerous cells have not been removed completely after any form of treatment.


Many gynaecologists will perform a colposcopy examination and cervical smear four to six months after treatment which begins a programme of regular surveillance thereafter.


It is not common to get a new area of precancerous change several years later, but the risk of leaving precancerous cells after treatment can be up to 5% - thus it is essential that women attend all follow-up checks.


If residual precancerous cells are left behind, further treatment, such as a repeat LLETZ/LEEP procedure, will be arranged. In very special circumstances, hysterectomy (removal of the whole womb) will be advised.


A number of websites, including MyHealthTestReminder, offer reminder emails to encourage women not to forget annual smear tests.